chocolate covered strawberries and grapes

hey beautiful,

I have always wanted to do this, because it it so easy and since I had to be at work at 12pm yesterday and got up at 6am to go to the gym, I had enough time left to make chocolate covered strawberries and grapes.

So here are the instructions for you:

  1. Put some water in a small pot and heat it up
  2. Put a bowl into the water and the chocolate bits in the bowl (I used dark chocolate with 90% – the higher the percentage the healthier the chocolate)
  3. Dip your favorite fruits into the melted chocolate and sprinkle wih whatever you have at home – I used coconut sprinkles, sesame and oat crunchies
  4. Let it dry and enjoy!

Next time I want to try out some chocolate covered kiwi and banana on a stick 😍😍😍

If you have any wish what I should also cook/bake, let me know! xx

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