Foodguide: Barcelona, Spanien

Brunch and Cake Pumpkin Burger

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities when traveling in Europe and as a real foodie I of course took a few shots of all the food places I have been to. Come with me on a gourmet tour – I promise these places will make your mouth water.

Enrique Tomas

Hungry, but still on the way to explore some sights?
This would be the perfect occasion to grab a baguette with ham from Enrique Tomas (he has several other shops in Barcelona as well). This ham is not of this world! No wonder that the most expensive ham costs 850€ per piece.

Adress: Carrer de Ferran 55

Brunch & Cake

For my birthday we went to this hip breakfast spot. It’s called ‚Brunch & Cake‘ and always completely booked. You should either call in advance or bring some time to wait. But it’s definitely worth the wait! Fresh Chia smoothies, eggs Benedict, huge bagels or banana bread and much more on the menue let my mouth waters. P.S. The banana bread was not just good looking 😍
Address: Carrer Enric Grandas 19

Update (Juni 2018)

I already told you about the famous café spot “Brunch & Cake”, but since my last visit was in 2016 they of course added some new stuff to their menu. This time I had the “Pumpkin Burger” with cheese, pretzel roll, salad and sweet potato on the side. I couldn’t eat the whole burger because the pumpkin patty was so filling, but it was really delicious.

Brunch and Cake Pumpkin Burger

Espai Joliu

This beautiful place is located in Poblenou, the most creative part of the city. Espai Joliu is a plant shop with beautiful ceramics, independent manazines and plant hangers in the front and a lovely café in the back. Definitely go there for coffee and delicious (gluten-free) cakes. I had the citron cake and it was just delicious!!

Adress: Carrer de Badajoz, 95, 08005 Barcelona

Espai Joliu Café
Espai Joliu Café and Plant Shop
Espai Joliu Café and Plant Shop
Espai Joliu Café and Plant Shop
Espai Joliu Café

Yellow Bakery

The Yellow Bakery is located in the Gothic Quarter in a quite little side street. You can get all the bakery products you could wish for like normal bread, focaccia, croissants, quiches, brownies and sandwiches. I took the veggie + hummus sandwich as a little lunch and it was divine. All the veggies were freshly gutted and the bread was just yuuuuum – so soft in the inside and cross at the crust.

Adress: Carrer del Regomir, 4, 08002 Barcelona

Yellow Bakery Barcelona
Yellow Bakery Barcelona
Yellow Bakery Barcelona Bread Veggie with Hummus

Chök – the chocolate kitchen

Ok, this is Chök – the chocolate kitchen and going to be the last one on my list for now. We stumbled upon this shop on the way to the market hall (which I am going to tell you a bit more about in my next Barcelona post) and could not resist to have a closer look. The Cronuts are topped with blueberry mouse, filled with strawberry jam or Nutella and they also have muffins, brownies and everything else that includes chocolate. We had some Pop Chök which was like a cream puff filled with Nutella and we could not stop ordering one after one haha. It’s a must when in Barcelona!

Address: Carrer del Carme 3

In my next post I will tell you something about the sights you should see and also the ones I was a bit disappointed about and of course some insider tips 😉


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